Recruiting should be simple, quick and data driven

GetQualified uses state-of-the art artificial intelligence and video technology to identify the best candidate from thousands of applicants.

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Recruitment is expensive when you get it wrong. Qualify your candidates with GetQualified to avoid expensive recruiting mistakes and to determine which candidates will perform best over the long term.

What is Get Qualified

  • A recruitment tool for employers and recruitment companies
  • Objectively assess candidate’s cognitive abilities, job related knowledge and fit via a low cost and scalable testing platform
  • Identify the best candidates from a large applicant pool
  • Reduce recruitment time by 75% and increase your hiring success rate by 100%

Our Innovations

Digital Test Invigilation

Our proprietary software allows remote testing of candidates on any webcam and microphone enabled pc or laptop.
By using facial and voice recognition, our powerful artificial intelligence algorithm awards each test an integrity score, flagging low scores for review.

Candidate Shortlisting

We take the hard work out of shortlisting from thousands of applicant to the top three to five candidates.
Our software captures applicant’s digital CV’s and intelligence / aptitude scores, coupled with job-specific test scores for each role.

Behavioural Video Interviews

Pre-recorded video profiles with candidate responses to behavioural based questions are included to allow further streamlining for final interview. Candidates can be assessed based on how they present themselves as well as their character traits.

How It Works

Post A Job

We can advertise a role on your behalf or simply send us a list of unvetted applicants

Applicants Apply

Applicants take an aptitude and job specific test (employer’s standard job test can be digitised)

Applicants Are Assessed

We shortlist applicants based on their aptitude and job competency scores, and an objective assessment of their work experience

Train Applicants

Training courses available to enable candidates to improve their job understanding / preparedness for work

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We care deeply about improving the recruitment process for businesses everywhere. It is currently difficult to ensure employee quality, expensive and takes too much time. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We are here to work with you to help you hire the best talent.

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