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Getting a job used to be difficult. Not any more. No more searching endlessly in newspapers and online for potential jobs. No more wasting money and time going from interview to interview. GetQualified makes getting a job as simple as possible.

How will it help me as a candidate?

Personalised Career Guidance

Get matched with a job that suits your knowledge and your strengths. Receive a fair and unbiased comparison of your abilities vs other applicants and personalised advice on career options to optimise your chances of getting hired

Professional Development

Companies are looking for pre-vetted candidates. Enhance your profile and work readiness by undergoing additional work related and soft skills training on our platform. Get certified for each course you successfully complete

Discover new job opportunities

Let jobs find you. GetQualified searches 24/7 for all available jobs on your behalf . Get notified of relevant job opportunities and apply directly or receive job offers directly from employers who have seen your video profile and ranking

How do I get started?

Registering for GetQualified is easy and free.

  • Create a searchable digital CV
  • Record and upload a great video profile
  • Complete the GetQualified aptitude test
  • Start receiving job notifications from our platform (Work-In-Progress)
  • Start receiving job offers from employers (Work-In-Progress)
  • Get an awesome new job

Our Courses

We have courses to help you get ready for your dream job. Get re-ranked for relevant jobs with each successful course completed.

To succeed in the world of work it is essential that you match your career path to your natural strengths, passions, interests and personality.
To get that perfect job you need to have a resume or CV that makes an instant impression and to be able to ace the interview.
This course will improve the way you collaborate in teams and communicate effectively so that you make an impact in your workplace.




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